We're asking Instagramming families and play workers to dream up the most amazing adventure playground they can imagine. We're talking the most elaborate zipwires, sketched out campfire zones, and perfectly planned hidden nooks and crannies. 


Like everyone, our summer plans have been cancelled so we will no longer be roaming around the UK festival circuit co-constructing adventure playgrounds in greenfield sites across the country. This doesn't mean we're going to stop inspiring children to play, build, and dream. If we can't hand the kids a hammer and help them materialise a monumental, shonky fort, we still want to encourage them to take creative agency and think about what they want their play spaces to look like - for them, by them.

So, the sky's the limit! Sketch out the most incredible adventure playground your brain can muster and be in for a chance to win our wonderful new merchandise - so you can look the part.



Upload a picture of your Adventure Playground design and tag us on @tribewoodland


Extra points for verbatim descriptions: What materials is it made of? Will this part transform into another? How will you play in it? What's your APG called?


We'll pick a winner, and get in touch so we can post you your brand new, summer-ready Woodland Tribe tee!


You have until Monday 22nd June to submit your entry.

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