It's like magic...

I have never seen my children

so engaged for so long

Woodland Tribe are a not-for-profit CIC supporting and promoting the adventure playground movement in the UK.

Woodland Tribe offer a unique approach to children’s agency, construction and co-production that is capturing the public’s imagination. Anywhere, anytime we give children and adults hammers, saws, nails and a huge quantity of wood to build the adventure playground of their dreams.

Woodland Tribe’s vision is to make adventure play a universal and popular culture. We have worked at UK festivals with our adventure play philosophy and are now engaging with schools, art galleries, mainstream media and existing adventure playgrounds.

Woodland Tribe are the UK masters of constructive play, helping children, families and communities co-create extraordinary structures and amazing play spaces. These environments are always playful, intentionally temporary and unorthodox, full of uncertainty and possibility, changing moment to moment, day to day.

If you would like to learn more about Woodland Tribe please explore this website, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to commission or collaborate with Woodland Tribe send us an email.


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A massive thank you to photographer Louise Roberts for use of her photos on this website and Shambala Festival for supporting us from the start.

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