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If you like what Woodland Tribe do and would like to collaborate with us then we would love to work with you. Let us know about your idea and we can come up with the right package for you. Our experienced team of creatives offer a broad range of services, skills and knowledge in the following areas.

Louise Roberts Shambala Festival 2019-2


Woodland Tribe can provide a totally unique and exciting adventure playground experience for children and families at festivals.

Depending on budget and logistics we can curate a large or small play area. Activities could include: our trademark big-builds that can be freerange or set builds, 50 70m zip lines, campfire cooking, tree houses, big or small swings, the famous water slide, dens, nets, ropes, tunnels, make’n’take, nature arts and crafts and our super-shonky adventure play vibes!


Woodland Tribe design and build traditional adventure playground structures on existing adventure playgrounds or we can create bespoke play structures for a wide variety of public play environments.


We use traditional adventure playground building methods to build unique and ROSPA inspected play structures that can last for years and years at a fraction of the cost of more traditional play equipment. We can support children to design and build their own play space or train adults in construction and maintenance.   



Woodland Tribe work with schools in a range of ways. We can design and build play structures, outdoor classrooms and forest school areas. We can teach children how to use traditional hand tools for exciting projects linked to the curriculum.


Woodland Tribe’s adventure play methodology can be incorporated into a STEM curriculum or our inclusive practice can help particular children focus and engage. Our school community build days are popular events that bring the whole community together.


We are always happy to help schools with funding applications. Woodland Tribe want to meet the schools needs, if you want to find out more click on the PDF to download our schools brochure.  


Woodland Tribe offer a range of consultancy services and fundraising support. We have a depth of knowledge and experience in the voluntary, public, private and social sectors.


We can advise existing projects on strategic direction, service development and changes to buildings and outdoor spaces. We can advise on new ideas, community engagement, children’s participation, forming partnerships or negotiating with authorities.


We are experienced fundraisers who can write collaborative bids and develop large revenue or capital projects.


Woodland Tribe are collaborating with art galleries to curate incredible child built installations. In 2022 we had an amazing three weeks in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern 


Our exhibitions place a value on children’s empowerment and family participation, hands on public art that is highly engaging for all generations. This is children’s agency in the public realm, a play space and exhibition built by children and families then viewed as public and political art, dynamic visceral exhibitions that challenge and change hour to hour week to week.


A blank canvas means everyone can contribute. Our exhibitions can also feature a multi-media exploration of adventure playgrounds rich heritage.


Communities are where adventure playgrounds started over 70 years ago and communities are still vital places of cultural exchange for children and families.


Woodland Tribe want to make communities as playful as possible so that children have a healthy and happy childhood. Maybe you want to start a new adventure playground or save an existing one, maybe there is a piece of land that could be used for children’s play or you want to put on a community event.


If you think Woodland Tribe can help your community, we want to collaborate with you.

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