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If you are interested in getting involved in a Woodland Tribe event, then we would love to hear from you.


We go to a large number of festivals and other events over the summer and we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us.


Typically if you volunteer with us at a festival, we would expect you to do one 4 hour shift a day. Roles during your shift might include, building with children, cooking on the fire or staffing the zipwire.


We offer full training on all the different activities, and always aim to make volunteering with us a fabulous and fun experience. In return we will offer you (and any children you may bring) a ticket to the festival. Sometimes we can offer meal-tickets, although this will depend on the specific event.

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When selecting volunteers we prioritise people with previous experience of either construction, creativity or working with children. Having said that we welcome everyone into our community, and are able to support those who may not feel confident or have not previously worked in such an environment. As long as you are enthusiastic, and are willing to get stuck in with collaborative building with children and families, then we would love you to come along.



If you want to get in touch with Woodland Tribe about anything at all then we would love to hear from you.

You can email us, use this form, or just come and chat to us at one of our upcoming events.

Thanks! Message sent.

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