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Woodland Tribe are collaborating with art galleries to curate incredible child built installations.


Our exhibitions place a value on children’s empowerment and family participation, hands on public art that is highly engaging for all generations. This is children’s agency in the public realm, a play space and exhibition built by children and families then viewed as public and political art, dynamic visceral exhibitions that challenge and change hour to hour week to week.


We work with galleries and artists to re-imagine the 'white box' gallery space as a democratic blank canvas where everyone can contribute. 

Our exhibitions can also feature a multi-media exploration of adventure playgrounds rich heritage. We did so in The Showroom, London in 2018. During this exhibition, the gallery became a laboratory of constructive play and spatial resistance. It was an opportunity for children to make public art over the course of a week, and later see their co-constructed play space re-presented in the context of the archive, junk playground and a post-war socialist imagination. 


Woodland Tribe are particularly interested in working with artists and galleries to promote children's agency, and children as culture creators. 

Woodland Tribe are currently involved in an ongoing project with Bristol-based artists Rachael Clerke, called Working Model.  "Working Model is an idea for a real but temporary present-day city, built by children. It’s a place where things like time, architecture, and tradition might be reinvented, or destroyed." 

If you are an artist or involved in a gallery space and would like to collaborate, please email tom.woodlandtribe[at]

Thank you Jack Offord for the image documenting Working Model at Arnolfini Gallery, July 2018. 

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